Rules of the Charity Contest

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This year's Art Contest will end on July 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Late submissions will not be considered for entry into the prize pool raffles.
1) Art contest submissions are limited to one piece per user. Non-contest submissions have a limit of 5.
2) Your submission should tie into the event in some way, whether it be related to the Vinesauce community, the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, or this year’s themes (Farming, Growing Communities, Stardew Valley and/or farmer's almanac content).
3) Submissions may not contain:
a) Nudity and/or obscene or suggestive content.
b) Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia.
c) Hate speech, racism, and/or otherwise derogatory and harassive sentiment.
4) Images must be less than 7 MB in size. To avoid issues with image transparency, check the file type and the image in the preview box before submitting.
5) Please ensure that you are submitting your artwork to the correct category, and that you avoid posting the same piece to both contest and non-contest categories.
6) By entering the contest, you agree to allow any and all submitted content to be edited and presented at our discretion for showcase purposes. Anything showcased on stream and/or in this year's event manual will be credited at that time. Artists retain all other rights to their work.
7) Submissions for the Traditional Art category may include any and all non-digital mediums, e.g. knitting, sculptures, paintings, etc. Be creative!
The Streamers for this year's Vinesauce is Hope Charity event are: Vinesauce, RevScarecrow, Fred, Limealicious, Imakuni, Dorb, Vargskelethor, NorixWolfe, DesertP, Gearomatic, GreatZott, VidyaBum

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